Angling to Straighten Up And Fly Right Free!

Angling to Straighten Up And Fly Right

The first in the ClickitVG series – this is the inspiration that started it all.  While looking for a way to explain to a friend who is an avid Fly-fisherman just what I was doing with computer graphics and hyperlinks, I came across a wonderful copperplate picture of 30 fishing flies from the mid 1800’s.  I played around with the picture and the original text and came up with a great visual way to introduce information to people in a fun and easy to understand manner.  Even if you are not a fly fisherman, think of all the ways this idea can be used to teach children about colors or counting, explain to older students the taxonomies of plants or animals, or even as a way to show organizational relationships in a business.  The only limit is your imagination.

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THERM Visual Guide 1.0 $24

THERM Visual Guide 1.0


THERM Visual Guide 1.0 will help you understand how the THERM program works quickly and easily with Clickit and Go action.  You will be able to find answers instantly without reading manuals or following a long tutorial.  If you are a visual learner, and most folks in the Construction field are, you should find THERM Visual Guide to be an asset to learning the THERM program and getting your job done.  THERM Visual Guide 1.0 – Another Fine Visual Guide from ClickitVG!

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